My Story

I was raised with a strong sense of family and personal relationships.  Strong relationships built on trust, integrity, honesty, and a true sense of caring should permeate all areas of our lives. Our family is built on these foundations.  I started my photography adventure with my children's events.  12 years have taken me down a whole new path of sites, sounds, and emotions, through  my lens.  I now share my gift with others.

My Experience

What started out years ago as a desire to capture my family on film, has now turned into a passion.  I have been given the opportunity to help others capture life through photographs and video.  Whether it involves dance, theater, music, sports, business, or other special events, I can capture the story and emotions with photography, video, and aerial imagery, for your family or business.

My Images

My images are captured from a wide variety of events.  Whether you are looking to capture that special moment of your life, or media for your event or business, I am here to provide you with an avenue designed just for you.  Please see my portfolio of images and video below for a snapshot of my work.

Our Services

Capture the Moment

Whether it is that special moment in life or, the life of that special event, 

I can help capture the emotions and memories to last a lifetime.  

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Business Photography

Whether it is your business, school,  or church, I can help you capture stock footage to meet your media and marketing needs.  Together, we can partner to understand your message 

and communicate it to your business or your clients.

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Aerial Imagery

If you want a different point of view, whether it is for your business or personal event, let's look to the sky for your answers.  With our Drones capturing  in High Definition up to 4K, we can help you capture that special event in ways never possible before.  If it is for your business needs, we can provide a view that will expand your imagination and capture your client's attention.  We are FAA certified to assist in capturing all your needs.

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